Which Math Class Should You Take?

Mr. J talks about which math class you should take starting in 8th Grade


Which Math Class Should You Take?

Grade school students preparing for their high school careers should be considering what their math trajectory is prior to 8th grade.  As an 8th Grader in grade school, Algebra 1 begins…If you’re considering a career in mathematics or a mathematically-heavy discipline, this chart will help guide you.

8th Grade Algebra and Beyond

The info-graph shows what specific math classes are and what you may be studying in them.  How these particular classes affect your trajectory and the level of difficulty you can expect.

which math classes should you take?

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Mr. Jabriel is a Catholic Central High School Mathematics Teacher, specializing in advanced Math and math curriculum.  For a better explanation of the above graph, please contact “Mr. J.” at vjabrial@cchsnet.org 

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