Topperpalooza at Catholic Central High School is a smashing time!


Topperpalooza at Catholic Central High School

Topperpalooza at CCHS has been welcoming over 100 7th Graders yearly.

Why should your students attend this event?

Attention Principals & 7th grade teachers.  Every year we see our students start to visit colleges as juniors in high school then confirm their plans of where they are heading to college the next year as seniors.  Here at Catholic Central we want to offer your students that same opportunity when it comes to choosing their high school. We understand how difficult it can be when a number of students are missing school for shadow days at different high schools and making sure they stay on top of their homework.   Our goal is to pack that experience into 1 exciting day.

When is Topperpalooza?
On March 21st, from 10am-1:45pm we will be holding the 3rd annual Topperpalooza here at Catholic Central.  All 7th grade students are invited and we encourage you to send all of them for this great experience.  You are welcome to join us for this event, however if you need the day to work feel free to stay back at school and enjoy the extra time.  We will provide the transportation to and from CCHS, as well as lunch for kids and adults.

What happens at Topperpalooza?
During this great event your students will get the opportunity to learn a little more about the advantages of attending Catholic Central.  We start the day off with prayer, a very important aspect to our school. Then the students grab some lunch and break into groups led by our students here at Catholic Central to meet other 7th grade students from around the area.  From there students visit the three sessions that our school is built upon, Faith, Knowledge & Tradition.  We wrap up the day by introducing our teaching staff and showing a short video about Catholic Central.

What does this cost?

Last year we welcomed over 100 7th grade students to this event from a number of different grade schools in the area.  The feedback from students was all positive. They not only had an opportunity to meet new people, but also learned a little more about what Catholic Central has to offer.  We realize students will attend a number of different high schools in this area and we would like to let them see Faith & Academics at CCHS before they make their final decision.

Who can I talk to about this opportunity?

Please contact Karen Schwenn, Admissions Director at Catholic Central High School.
Phone: 262.763.1510 ext 225

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