News from the Counseling Department 9/19/18

College Fair Dates, FAFSA Applications begin (for Seniors) begin October 1st.


College Fairs

College Fairs are great for students to gather information and meet admission counselors.  I highly recommend families to attend NACAC (National Association College Admissions Counseling) at the Wisconsin Center on Sunday, September 30th from 3 PM to 6 PM.  All juniors will be attending a college fair at Parkside College on September 18th.

Other College Fairs:
Discover Duke   Brookfield Academy  Wednesday, October 3 at 7:00 PM

FAFSA remember seniors can apply for FAFSA beginning October 1st.  Colleges and Universities can begin to award scholarships after receiving the students FAFSA form. Need more information? Contact CCHS Counselor Jane Gabrielson at
College Visits on CCHS campus are listed below.  Please get a pass the day before or earlier.
These visits are important.
Visits are for juniors and seniors, if it is a school they are interested in attending.


St. Ambrose                        Monday September 24th        6th Hour

St. Norbert                          Tues September 25th              2nd Hour

University of Alab             Monday October 8th              2nd Hour

Mt Mary                              Friday October 26th              3rd Hour

St. Mary’s                           Wednesday October 31st       1st Hour

UW Whitewater                 Wednesday October 31st       2nd Hour

Volunteers needed for Career Panels

The panels will provide our students with information about future career pathways.  Catholic Central can’t begin to offer courses in all content areas. Informing students through career panels based on career pathways would expose students to consider many careers.  There are 16 career clusters and your current job fits into one of the clusters.

Career Clusters:

  1. Agriculture, Good and Natural Resources
  2. Architecture & Construction
  3. Arts, A/V Technology & Communication
  4. Business Management & Administration
  5. Education & Training
  6. Finance
  7. Government & Public Administration
  8. Health Sciences
  9. Hospitality & Tourism
  10. Human Services
  11. Information Technology
  12. Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security
  13. Manufacturing
  14. Marketing
  15. Science, Technology, Engineering &Mathematics
  16. Transportation, Distribution & Logistics

The panels will occur during the school day for 1 to 2 hours.  You will be grouped with 4 or 5 other adults in the same career cluster.  The panels will be informal.  Information you will share: your job title, your education background and how you ended up in your current job.   I hope that you will consider volunteering. We will be flexible and work with your schedules.  Please respond to this email or call Jane Gabrielson at 262-763-1510 x224

Upcoming College Fairs

NACAC Fair: Milwaukee at the Wisconsin Center Sunday, September 30th 3- 6 PM.   This fair will be the largest in the state. 

Scholarships:  It is that time of year where seniors should start exploring scholarship opportunities.  There are different types of Scholarships for students.  First and foremost families must fill out the FAFSA (Free application  for student aid)  The start date is October 1st.  The second step after the completion of the FAFSA form is research scholarship monies from the campus the student has applied too.  You can find scholarships on the individual college/university website. Type the word scholarship or freshman scholarship in the school’s search engine.

College Goal Wisconsin:

Get help completing your FAFSA!  College Goal Wisconsin is a non-profit organization wht helps families by assessing federal ans state financial aid.  The statewide program is desgned to assist students and families in a timely completion of the FAFSA.  Racine Gateway Technical College on Oct. 3rd.  Please see web site for other locations and details.   There is a $500 scholarship drawing at the event.


–Counseling Department

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