Good or Bad: Vault

Innocuous-looking phone apps can be very secretive.


Good or Bad:  Vault

Let’s talk about the “Good”:

Vault is an excellent app if you have secret or sensitive things on your phone that you don’t want others to see. It can hide photos, videos, contacts, text messages, call logs, and even Facebook messages.

Hide Facebook messages

Vault stores your private files and records so they don’t appear anywhere else on your phone. You choose a password for Vault and your private stuff can only be accessed by entering this correctly.

Some interesting features include the private Facebook chat feature where Vault encrypts messages sent over the social network and makes sure these don’t appear in you Facebook chat history. Then the Device Administrator feature protects you against losing all your data through the app being uninstalled (accidentally or otherwise).

You can also lock apps so they can only be opened if the correct password is entered. Premium users can enable the Camouflage App Lock, which pretends that an app has crashed when someone else tries to open it.

By upgrading to premium, you can also hide individual contacts, which is very handy if there are people in your contacts you don’t want prying eyes to find out about. The premium version has a number of other interesting features. This includes Break-in Alerts where if someone tries to access your Vault with an incorrect password you’ll get an alert and the app will take a photo of who tried to access your private stuff!


Unfortunately there is also bad…


The Vault Apps That Can Keep the Illicit a Secret

A basic calculator app or harmless looking game is never much of a worry on our teen’s smartphone. However, a growing number of smartphone apps are taking on some sinister secret identities. What looks like a calculator may actually be a “vault app“–a secret photo album perfect for stockpiling private photos and video clips. While these secret photos may not be wrong in and of themselves, many “vault apps” become easy stashes for pornography, sexting, and other dangerous social media behaviors for some teenagers. As parents, it can be important for us to learn how to spot these hidden vault apps.


Overall:  BAD.  This app is not recommend to be used in an educational setting as well as its use with minors.  


Mr. J is an advanced Math Teacher at CCHS.  This post is an attempt to inform our parents and general public on the rapidly-moving technology we are facing each and every day.  


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