Having an almost 100 year tradition yields a LOT of graduates. If you’re not yet a part of our alum network, we invite you to do so. Things are happening at CCHS and we want you to be a part of our good-news network!

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Established in 1920, Catholic Central High School (formerly Saint Mary’s High School) will be celebrating its 100 anniversary. A year’s worth of celebration is being planned and our Alum Association is taking a leading role in helping us prepare. Our goal: CCHS wants to connect with every single living Catholic Central Alum. We know this is a HUGE task but we know it can be done. If you know anyone who you’re connected with that’s been affiliated with us in the past, get us their contact information. We want to include them. If you’re interested in taking a more proactive role in our Alum Association (near of far), drop us a line. We want to hear from you!